Dan Bodner

Since 2001, Dan Bodner has been the founder and CEO of Fido Systems LLC, an out-sourced IT firm. His daily commute from Oakland to downtown San Francisco passes sidewalk tent encampments, street wanderers, and finally homeless men sleeping on the floors of the Embarcadero BART station.  

It is a daily scene of hopelessness.  Dan is a life-long problem solver and tinkerer, and so he began to wonder what could help these people in their situation. Thus sprung the seed for the Bodner Habitat. Dan began researching materials, sketching designs, and experimenting with latches and metals, slowly forming the Habitat concept.

Dan has a Masters degree focused on numerical analysis and simulation in Hydro-Geology from the University of Texas at Austin, where he studied under a University Fellowship; and he has a Liberal Arts degree from Vassar College.  He is also the creator of the FidoHand.  Dan even worked as an Architectural draftsman in his youth and is a home-renovation hobbyist with skills in most of the building trades.